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TVP5150 Patch for RidgeRun SDK (Generic YCbCr mode)

This patch is for the 840402 release of the Leopard board SDK from RidgeRun.  It configures the DM355 for “generic YCbCr mode”, because there are a couple of signals missing from the 1.4 version Leopard’s J5 connector which would have allowed for a true BT.656 interface.

If you have a Version 1.5 Leopard Board, the extra J5 signals are present, and you should use the BT.656 version of the patch.  This will give you better overall image quality.


  • To install the patch, first make sure you RR SDK is configured and builds ok.
  • Then download the patch and place in your kernel/linux-2.6.29/patches directory
  • Then, in the patches directory, edit the “series” file, and place tvp5150.patch at the end of the series.
  • Next, you can do a “quilt push” command to apply the patch.  It should apply cleanly, and you should get a “Now at patch tvp5150.patch” message at the end.
  • Change to your linux 2.6.29 directory, do a “make menuconfig”, then go
    device drivers -> multimedia devices -> video capture adapters ->
    encoders/decoders and other helper chips -> and select tvp5150 for
    leopard. Unselect the Aptina MT9V113.
  • Go back to the SDK root directory, DM355SDK840402 and rebuild the kernel with a “make kernel”
  • Once that is done, do a “make install” to download the kernel to your Leopard board.  You really shouldn’t need to rebuild the filesystem.
  • Power down your Leopard, attach the TVP5150 card, and apply power.
  • After booting completes, use the command “dmesg | grep tvp5150″ to verify the TVP5150 was identified.  You should see something like:
/ # dmesg | grep tvp5150
[42949374.070000] vpfe-capture vpfe-capture: register slave tvp5150_leopard
[42949374.080000] tvp5150_leopard 1-005c: tvp5150_leopard found at 0xb8 (DaVinciI2C adapter)
[42949374.090000] tvp5150_leopard 1-005c: chip version 0×04 detected
[42949374.090000] vpfe-capture: Current decoder is set to tvp5150_leopard
[42949374.100000] tvp5150_leopard 1-005c: Registered to v4l2 master vpfe-capture!!

To test the board, see the other post with sample Gstreamer pipelines.

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